Re: OnStep Configuration Generator lives on ...

Howard Dutton

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 07:49 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
Yeah, it is because the TMC5160 requires a lot of other values to be entered, unlike all other drivers.
OnStep requires no additional values for the the TMC5160 vs. the TMC2130, if you don't specify the current it falls back to 600mA and OnStep provides a warning on compile.

And sure one should specify IRUN, but that's the only other option most need for decent performance.  If they want to mess around with IGOTO and IHOLD they're tuning and compiling/uploading/testing several times probably at that point and who cares then.

I didn't look at the OCG and how you set this up... but it should would be nice to grab an Config.h file and turn it into a template then parse the file to insert the values.

#define AXIS1_STEPS_PER_WORMROT [       ] //  12800, n. Number of steps per worm rotation (PEC Eq mode only:)                <-Req'd
                                          //         n = (AXIS1_STEPS_PER_DEGREE*360)/reduction_final_stage

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_MODEL [            ] //    OFF, (See above.) Stepper driver model.                                      <-Often
#define AXIS1_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS [       ] //    OFF, n. Microstep mode when tracking.                                        <-Often

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