Re: OnStep Configuration Generator lives on ...

Markus Kempf

for my piece of mind, I immediately changed to TMC5150 and it still works...

I also tried the GPS change to RX3 again without success.

#define SERIAL_A_BAUD_DEFAULT        19200 //   9600, n. Where n=9600,19200,57600,115200 (common baud rates.)                  Infreq
#define SERIAL_B_BAUD_DEFAULT        19200 //   9600, n. See (src/HAL/) for your MCU Serial port # etc.                        Option
#define SERIAL_B_ESP_FLASHING         OFF //    OFF, ON Upload ESP8266 WiFi firmware through SERIAL_B with :ESPFLASH# cmd.    Option
#define SERIAL_C_BAUD_DEFAULT         9600//    OFF, n, ON for ESP32 Bluetooth.                                               Option
#define SERIAL_C_BLUETOOTH_NAME  "OnStep" // "On..", Bluetooth device name for ESP32.                                         Option

// TIME AND LOCATION -------------------------------------------------- see
#define TIME_LOCATION_SOURCE          GPS //    OFF, DS3231 (I2c,) DS3234 (Spi,) TEENSY (T3.2 internal,) or GPS source.       Option
                                          //         Provides Date/Time, and if available, PPS & Lat/Long also.

#define SerialGPS Serial3
#define SerialGPSBaud 9600

The GPS TX goes to RX3 PC11 on EXP1 left row second pin from top.


Am 29/07/2020 um 14:04 schrieb Howard Dutton:

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 04:06 AM, Markus Kempf wrote:
Good to know, I had my new 5160 defined as 2130 without any problems but I always used the Spi current settings.
For the TMC5160 you should ALWAYS use one of:

The registers are similar but NOT identical to the TMC2130.

Are there any specific options for the 5160? 
None that are exposed to the user.

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