Re: Cannot connect Sky Planetarium to OnStep through ASCOM OnCue

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 10:51 AM, BJ Ranson wrote:
Installed 4.5.4, rebooted PC, and no new data. I just get this:
00047878:[Ascom.Telescope] Connect failed

I will try a different PC next to see if it's just something weird installed on the one I'm using (the Windows 10 installation is many years old).
I will update the ASCOM driver probably also to pass more exceptions through to see if we can pick up on what is causing the trouble or at least narrow down the possibilities more.

For now I'd like to remind there are 3x ASCOM hubs on my computer...

POTH hub
(works with SP all features.)
Generic hub (works with SP all features.)
Device hub telescope (works with SP, but limited features.)

Perhaps one of those others could be a work-around for your problem?

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