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Howard Dutton

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 06:13 AM, <vankarem77@...> wrote:
I have been out for a time due to diseasse reasons and now im tryng to get things to work ok, also due to covid situation many parts has not arrived in time.
The controllers im making now are ESP32 based using Bigtreeth TMC5160 drivers, i dont have TMC2130 for now, but the controller is still not ready because i have and issue when moving RA axis at 1/2 of V max speed; RA axis take some minutes to recover IRUN set current but take too much time to recover IRUN set current when you use manual telescope movement at 1/2 Max speed.
For example, for IRUN = 600mA and RA state tracking the system (powered at 12VDC) current draw is 400mA but once you make a move on RA at 1/2 VMax, the system current draw is 1,2A when return to tracking mode.
My settings are;

DRIVER_IRUN     600      

For all manual movements the system take some time to recover IRUN current setting but specially for 1/2 Vmax the system does not recover IRUN current setting for RA, dont know if it is a stepper driver issue or not.
I tested the above settings with TMC2130's and could not reproduce this problem with them.

The TMC5160 stealthChop and its register is different than TMC2130's though... when time allows I will check those too.

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