Re: Cannot connect Sky Planetarium to OnStep through ASCOM OnCue

BJ Ranson

I had earlier tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the ASCOM platform and driver.

Anyway, my suspicion that there was some kind of corrupted state in the Windows 10 installation turned out to be true, as I performed a full reset of the OS, and after reinstalling all needed components, I was able to get Sky Planetarium to connect to OnStep via the ASCOM Generic Hub. I was also able to connect using the USB->COM port for the first time, instead of over IP, which is good news as I want to control the PC via Remote Desktop from the comfort of my warm office instead of freezing to death come the autumn.

So it was a rather drastic fix, which probably didn't help you in terms of diagnosing connection errors, but it's a story to add, in terms of some peculiar and rather non-specific corruption occurring within the OS causing issues.

Thanks again for your help.

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