Re: Backlash on Super Polaris with direct coupling of planetary gearbox? #backlash

Mike Ahner

Congratulations Ivan! Good job!

Testing inside is very useful, it's so much easier to find loose pulleys and other mechanical or technical issues with lights, tools, a/c or heat and coffee or tea handy. (And depending on where you live, mosquito free) You can load up your mount with telescope and all your accessories & as you said, verify easily the cables don't snag and clearances are sufficient. Nothing like having a cable snag in the dark & pulling something off the mount, especially when Mars is getting close to the tree line & you just want one last look.

And you can test all your connections for phone or computers, etc. and easily update drivers or work out a checklist setup procedure. Where I observe is 100 miles (160 km) from my home and I don't even have cell service out there yet. So if I have any issues with software, I'm out of luck.

I see I didn't proofread my message very well last night but you understood my thoughts anyway. Small setting circles like on most mounts are not very precise for finding dim objects, but they do have some uses especially for testing or just occasional verification as you learned. I've corrected the erroneous sentence below, just in case someone else reads and doesn't quite understand me.
look at your setting circles. Those are not precise but they should be should the approximate same values as the coordinates of the star you selected.
Now, I hope you have clear skies coming your way!

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