Re: Failed to init device yet again

Khalid Baheyeldin

As Martin Bonfiore says:
I am not sure of the logistic difficulties or whether you would consider it but have you thought of mailing the problem STM32 to someone in the group who has lots of experience and success in getting Onsteps to work?  I am sure curious (as I suspect others on the forum) about what is going on.  So...maybe someone would volunteer to receive it (maybe ideally in your home country) and test it...if this is something you are interested in and have the resources.  Just a thought.....
I can attempt troubleshooting a couple of non-working STM32 to see what the issue is, provided costs of shipping to and from Canada are covered, which may be prohibitive (~ US$14 or so each way). Although I use Linux only, if I can make them work, Dave Schwartz lives nearby and can further test on Windows to make sure there there are no Windows-specific issues.

Not sure any of that is practical, but willing to spend some time on this.

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