Re: CGEM Rehab questions #celestron

Chris Vaughan

A few of us have done the CGEM - see the showcase. Francois did it first. It's tracking is way better. Mine used to guide with an error of above 1 arcsec, now I regulalrly get below 0.8. And best of all, no more egg shaped stars. I  used the minipcb1 as it fits inside the mount head, but if you aren't keen on soldering then go with one of the suggestions made. That stepper you mention looks similar to one one I used.

The main issue I had was getting the pulleys to fit inside the mount. The space inside is small so you can't put too big a pulley on the worm drive shaft. I've currently got a 3.2:1 ratio now (45:14 pillows) and the 48T still needed a bit of grinding on the edges and shaft (these details are in my build thread). I've got a larger pulley that I keep meaning to grind down, but haven't got around to it. Might do it with summer approaching.

I 3D printed the bracket for the steppers. Its based on Francois' build and can send you the files, it's pretty simple. It's still going strong after 6 months or so. And I still mean to make another out of aluminium.
Good luck, Chris

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