Re: OnStep + ESP32 (WemosD2R32) + Motor Shield V3 + Wii Nunchuk

Henk Aling

I see the CNCv3 board support is in the master branch, v4.  I hope that there will be a stable v4 release version soon because I work with 3.18, as recommended, that is stable but that does not have the CNCv3 code.

One request though:  the CNCv3 pin map file has, in the header, a comment that it is for the WeMos R32.  I use it for that, but also for the Teensy in an Arduino shield that has different pins.  So I have to modify the shield pin map to work for my Teensy.

Since a shield is really a separate entity that many people use, can it not be abstracted out to represent just its schematic, and the base board itself to also represent its schematic?  There would be generic OnStep pin macros to represent what pins mean what, both for the base board and the shield.  The pinmap files for both would be using those macros.  That way we can mix and match base boards and shields without the restriction that a shield pin map has to be for one specific base board.  (If base board is the right term, I mean Wemos vs. Teensy, etcetera). 

I know, easier said than done, and it also adds complexity as opposed to just editing and hardcoding, just a thought.

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