Re: Showcase: Built With OnStep


Hi, I just finish my project to convert an wonderful old Meade LXD600 mount from an old Autostar based system to an OnStep system with an Teensy3.6 board. The electronic fits into the DEC-housing, build on my own PCB based on the MaxPCB2 schematic. I use two NEMA 14 motors, one of them fits exactly into the RA housing. Both axis are now belt driven. For RA and DEC axis I use the TMC2130 drivers, for the focuser an DRV8825. A detailed description can be found on (in german only). The mount works incredible smoothly and silent, if PEC is trained and enabled, unguided images with more than 3 min. exposure are possible (I never tested exposures above 3 minutes, my camera is not cooled and the background becomes bright).

Now the DEC housing is full. NEMA 14 motor, 200 steps, 1.5A.

The electronic setup. The front plate is mounted, ready to push it into the DEC housing.

LXD600 with OnStep. USB cable to the astroberry, the WLAN antenna for WiFi handbox access.

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