Re: Showcase: Built With OnStep

Khalid Baheyeldin

Thank you for sharing your amazing LXD600 conversion.
I tried using Google Translate, but it does not work for some reason. I can look at the pictures though ... :-)

Good to see that the Online Configuration Generator helped ...

I see that you are using VQUIET, which Howard recommends against for most setups. Consider changing that to just QUIET.

Another thing is that you are using a DRV8825 for the focuser. An LV8729 will be much better and generates less heat.

Looks like this motor is the 200 step NEMA14 that you used. It shows that we don't always need big motors. 
And you are driving it without any reduction: i.e 180:1 worm wheel, and all the other reduction is via the 1/256 of the TMC2130!

Mind boggling ...

For the unguided 3 minute images, does every image come out good? Or only 1 in 3 or so?
Is that with the ETX-70 @ 350mm? If so, then no wonder at that low focal length.

I can do 3 minute unguided on my Vixen SXD at 1310mm focal length.
However, not every image is good. I am using 18:1 gear box. The gear box introduces non periodic error.

With guiding none of the above is an issue.

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