Re: Showcase: Built With OnStep


First I planed to use the DRV8825 and Stepper motors with gear reduction. But the drivers are hot, noisy and the motors get hot as well and there was no room for a motor with gear box in the mount. So I use one for the focuser now. I pretty sure I will replace it with the one you mentioned, the LV8729 later.
The NEMA 14 motor is realy not weak, it's much more stronger than the old servo motors used in the orgiginal LXD600 (same gear boxes are used in the LX200) and it runs much smoother with 1/256 than the old motors. I can compare only with the old Autostar setup, I use this mount since 20 years and never tried another one. And with the Autostar, 20 second exposure was the limit for unguided images. I'm sure it's possible to do longer exposures than 3 minutes, but I did not tried. And yes, its repeatable, this exposure of 3 minutes, it's not sometimes or one of three (It took some time before I realize this, I expected startrails, but there was no startrails!). I'm very curious to try the C9 and how this will behave.
You are right, the ETX-70 is not such a big challange for a OnStep controler and this mount. But for normal usage, the ETX-70 sits on the C9 and guide (this is the plan), but what I want to say, the first use of OnStep was fun for me!

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