New case for SHC with builtin nuttons


Several months ago I made an SHC using the ESP32 based kit from my good friend George Cushing. My SHC worked well but the pushbutton caps that went on the pushbuttons were either too loose and did not fit well. The enclosure or case for the SHC was 3D printed but had screws visible on the top panel next to the pushbuttons which I did not like.

A couple of months ago I was persuaded by George to make a design of the SHC that could overcome the above issues. (I have shipped him two cases and will wait for his comments). So here it is finally. Its main features/highlights are:
  • the main six pushbuttons (N, S, E, W, F, and f) are an integral part of the top panel of the case, and button "caps" are "flex-hinged" to the top panel of the case (3D printed) 
  • the center button, being a 5-way joy-stick style device, therefore has a removable cap
  • fixing screws are at the bottom side of the case and screw heads are not visible
  • the black bezel (cover) over the display has snap fit clips and therefore fits perfectly. 
  • the top panel is intentionally made with white color to make it easy to locate in darkness. 
Inline image

If one is interested I can share the drawing files in the format of your choice. Please note that the above case to this design works only for the SHC kit delivered by my good friend George Cushing. My SLA  (stereolithography) printer has stopped working and the prints above are made with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process. The surface finish is not as good as I would get from an SLA printer. I am still working on fixing my SLA printer.  

Eastern PA

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