Slew to target canceled

Reiner vom Bruch

Hi !


Just updated one of my Mini2 to 4.17, downloaded the Master from today because of the new Ascom-Driver.


A funny behaveour now: with SHC-push button to move the Mount, SHC says „Slew to target canceled“ and the movement stops. It did only e very short movement.

Controlling onstep via Webinterface, „slew West/East North/South“ everything is fine. The mount moves as long as I want.


This Controller worked up to today with 3.16g very good and expected.


I have two complet Onstep´s. Both SHC show the same behaveour at the fresh updated Controller. Both have the Version 1.8d


The other onstep  has the Version 4.4g from Apr. 17 2020 (why ist hat Version Number higher ?) Here both controller work as expected.


So there must be something wrong with my settings in config.h  of the new updated Version. But I went thoug both config.h and I can´t see any different. Limits are set at the original values of the original config.h


Any Idear ?



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