Re: OnStep up and running!!!

andrea tasselli

The blue buttons are for the correct tracking rate. For sidereal motion (e.g. stars) use the star one, for the Moon the one with the crescent on and the one with the circle and the dot for solar rate. This because the later two bodies do not move (apparent motion) exactly at the same rate as the stars.

As for the alignment process, you first roughly point the RA axis toward the NCP (North Star) withe the supplied polar finder if you have one, then you got around and point and centre 3 bright stars widely spaced between each other using the process with the 3-star button. Once you have OnStep alignment process done you go to another bright star and centre it. Then press refine PA. and the mount will move to where it would be if the mount was perfectly aligned with the NCP (or SCP). You then use the altitude and azimuth adjustments provided by your mount in order to bring the star back to the centre (of the EP or sensor). Note that you need to be fairly aligned with the celestial pole to be able the keep the said star within the field of view is is a restricted one.

Hope it helps


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