Re: OnStep up and running!!!

Dave Schwartz

Yes, you always have to begin with an alignment at some time. Even if you are forever going to park/unpark a permanently mounted scope, you have to start with an alignment in order to let OnStep build its mount model.

You could use the web interface as you picture below (the green-circled buttons) but you would still have to use some other method to actually do the selection and slewing to the object. The web interface doesn't have an object library so there is no way to tell it you want to go to Vega at such and such RA/DEC coordinates. Probably the better application to use is the Android app. What those green buttons do is tell OnStep you want to begin a 1, 3 or 6-star alignment and after you have set the target and slewed to it, then refined the position using the guide buttons, the Accept button tells OnStep that where it is currently pointing is the coordinated you set as the alignment target. The alignment workflow in the Android app automates the sequence for you - you only have to select the star(s) according to what you prefer/can see, and long-press the align button after centering.

The blue-circled buttons tell OnStep to set the tracking rate as sideral (stars), lunar (moon) or solar (sun).

Refine PA can be used after an alignment to refine your equatorial mount's polar alignment. as in the description, when you GoTo a star near the pole and press Refine PA, OnStep will move the mount to where the star should have been if the mount had been perfectly polar aligned. Then you use the manual altitude and azimuth adjustments to move the star back into the center of the eyepiece and your polar alignment will now be much better.

On 2020-10-17 5:34 p.m., Egge wrote:
since I'm not an expert in astronomy, I'm not 100% sure about polar alignment...
first step is a prober aligment of the mount to NCP (using polar scope and an handy app); this works quiete well...

As far as I understood, OnStep also provides a polar alignment - software based?

Do I use the "Align buttons" (green circle) or the "Refine PA" ( yellow circle)?

What are the "Tracking buttons" (blue circles) for?

Unfortunately the described polar align process (wiki / Using Onstep / Alignment / On The Website) is not clear to me. Can someone please describe this more in detail?


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