Re: Slewing always comes up short of target using stellarium

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 10:36 PM, Ignacio Banuelos wrote:
I would estimate around 1 degree.. aprox. two full moon lengths or a bit less at first slew. It improves when syncing on stars but never gets accurate goto.
What if you do a 3 star align? Do the Gotos get fairly accurate?

I do not feelĀ  to much backlash on the worm-gear..
Not only the worm gears. There are motors too, and whatever connects the motor to the worm gear.
Pulleys will have less backlash than if GR1 are spur gears.

but for testing purposes were can I adjust it in OnStep?
I see a default 25 on TRACK_BACKLASH_RATE but have not changed it because tracking is OK.. unless there are other settings or adjustments.

Don't change that, or anything else in Config.h.

The backlash can be adjusted from the Android App or the Smart Hand Controller.

But before adjusting, run a test to see if you have a lot of backlash or not.

In daylight, enable Tracking, then stop tracking.
Slew to a far away terrestrial object (tower, chimney, street light).
Then press N to center the object. Then press S.
Do the same with E and W.
Check if there is a lag between when you press the button, and when the object actually moves.

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