Re: Instein box running OnStep 4.17k

Dave Schwartz

That's great! You may have found a way to bring all the Instein people back onto the migration path. Not sure if Howard is going to want to put this into his QA suite (that may become your task for now) but it seems they may be able to come in from the cold.

On 2020-10-18 4:09 a.m., "Guilherme Vênere wrote:
It's me again


Yay! i did it! I forgot to add an initialization routine from Instein code to 4.17 code, and after that the Wifi module works again!

Now i just need to test the motors tomorrow during the day and if that works i'll have a fully working master branch for Instein OnStep!


On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 12:01 AM "Guilherme Vênere via <> < <>> wrote:

Hello again

I was able to fix the issue with flashing the Wifi module. The
Instein custom OnStep uses a bridge between SerialA and SerialB on
initialization to send the firmware to the wifi module directly
without using the :ESPFLASH# command.

But now i'm facing an issue which i can't solve and i need some
help. If I flash OnStep 4.17, the Wifi module won't work at all.
It doesn't matter if i use the one from Instein code (based on
3.16 release) or the Wifi module from the master branch. However
if I flash OnStep 3.16, both the old and the new Wifi module work
fine. As a test, i tried to connect to the web server using TELNET
on port 80, and i got the error below when i sent a simple HTTP
GET request


Which indicates the server is running, but something in the
backend is not. I suspect that the Wifi module is not able to
communicate properly with OnStep, but i can't find where this code
is. I'm looking at OnStep code, since this is the variable that
breaks the server when I change.

Everything else seems to be working fine. I can connect my SHC and
it reports the correct firmware version in OnStep, and I can
connect to the box via USB, and even slew with Stellarium. It's
only the Wifi module which is not working, neither the web server
nor the control ports (9999 and 9998)
Khalid or Howard, any idea where i can look next?



On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 6:43 PM "Guilherme Vênere via
<> <
<>> wrote:


  This is mainly for owners of the Instein box. I think I have
succeeded in updating mine to the latest master OnStep 4.17k.
It required a few changes to add the Ïnstein pinmap and update
some variable names to the 4.xx nomenclature, but i was able
to successfully upload the sketch and connect with my SHC (see


I still need to check if the motors are moving correctly, but
the issue I found so far is that i'm unable to flash the Wifi
module with the latest code. I'm not sure if the changes to
OnStep would affect the wifi reflashing, as the box has a
switch to flash wifi separately from the main module. I might
be doing something stupid there but still need to confirm.
When booting normally, the web server respond but i'm getting
empty pages every time

If i can fix this issue and confirm everything works with the
hardware, i will send a pull request with the changes to
Github and Howard can decide what to do, but i'll keep a copy
on my Github too.

There's one thing though i don't know how to solve, and i may
need help from someone more experienced in programming here.
Instein require changes to two pins in HardwareSerial.cpp as
mentioned in his custom code:

HardwareSerial.ccp file code lines 10 & 14, this file is
usually located on:
//     Change the lines "#define RX1 9" & "#define TX1 10" by
"#define RX1 21" & "#define TX1 22" respectively.
//     This change is mandatory for this firmware to work and
in this way, OnStep AUX port will work as second serial port
an enable
//     a set of conectivity options: aditional wifi, bluetooth
or USB, RF Link, ethernet or future serial devices.

Is there a way to overwrite these changes from OnStep code
itself to avoid having to mess around with the library files?


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