Re: Orion XT10 Conversion with WEMOS R32 ESP32 and CNC Shield + some questions

Khalid Baheyeldin

Thank you for your writeup. It is now in the showcase page.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 09:55 AM, bukl wrote:

Home Position

  • ·         It seems that I have to start the controller with the telescope pointing at Alt 0° Az 180°, otherwise I will not be able to align and the limits will be all over the place
  • ·         This is very inconvenient for me since I have to loosen the belts in order to manually move the telescope
Did you try using the Android App to position the scope to Alt 0 Az 180, then press At Home (Reset)?

Offset between OnStep and Stellarium

  • ·         When I tell OnStep to track eg Mars from the OnStep App and then switch to the Stellarium App the circle that shows where the telescope is point is slightly offset from Mars. When tell is to track Mars from Stellarium directly the circle is spot on
  • ·         Since its been only cloudy nights so far I was able tell which of the two apps is right
  • ·         Does anybody know this problem?
I have noticed this too, and don't know why this is.
I did report it here.
One possible reason is that OnStep compensates for atmospheric refraction by default.

When you observe under the stars, can you check again, and post in the link I provided?

  • ·         The ESP32 has built in WIFI which is not used by OnStep so far
  • ·         Are the any plans to implement this or should I just get an ESP8266?
This is not possible, and will not be implemented any time soon.

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