Re: Remote control collimation - ideas please

Khalid Baheyeldin


I remember your scope. It is one of the largest mounts that run OnStep.

Some thoughts:

- Do you really need to change the secondary that often? When I had a 10" Newtonian,
I did not need to do the secondary at all, but the primary did need collimation, and the
3 screws on it did the trick. If you tighten up the secondary, would that eliminate the
need to fiddle with it often?

- The R32 + CNC V3 is about the smallest footprint an OnStep board has. Maybe it would
fit in the shadow of the secondary? If so, it has Axis3 and Axis4 as focuser/rotator. That way
you don't need to write any software, and use out of the box OnStep.
Can you keep one screw fixed, and move only the other two via motors? It has built in Bluetooth,
so maybe a USB connection would not be needed (but you need your phone with the app
close to the scope).

- Of course, you can use any 3 axis board but with custom firmware, as OnStep would not
allow you to have a board without Axis1 or Axis2.

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