Re: Remote control collimation - ideas please

Martin Bonfiore

Are you concerned about having active (read: giving off heat) electronics in the scope tube?  I am not sure it is on much concern but I would guess heat (electronics, driving the motors) would generate some significan an effect on viewing, I don't have a clue.  That said, once collimation is finished, you could power off the electronics/motor (probably don't need holding torque on motors???)... I guess you could always model this with a power resistor located where you would mount the electronics...give it a blast and see if the seeing is disturbed.  Way more mechanically complex would be to place the motors and the electronics outside of the tube and move the tube to spider anchor points...or possibly mount the spider through the tube on to a ring external to the tube to decouple the spider/secondary from the tube...sort of like a halo with relief  holes cut in the tube around the spider legs to allow I said...way more mechanically complex...but fun to think about.  Interesting project.

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