Re: Parts arrived! Time to build

Dave Schwartz

With stepper drivers its the MOSFETs that do the current switching and thus are the components to heat up. Before the 5160, all the drivers had the MOSFETs integrated on the controller chip and thus the whole chip heated up and the heatsink needed to be in contact with the chip (or the copper area the chips was in contact with if the chip was on the bottom). But with the 5160 they are discrete external parts so the 5160 chip itself doesn't heat up appreciably and the heatsink only needs to be in contact with the MOSFETs (and if the electrical design is conservative, or you're using them well below their limit, they won't heat up much anyway).

The 3M double-sided sticky tape works fine to both hold the heatsink on and conduct heat... that's what its made for.

On 2020-11-16 4:38 p.m., Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
These don't heat up noticeable.
I ran them without heat sinks, and they barely were ~ 42C or so.

So don't bother machining anything for thermal control.
At least until you test things out.

See this thread <>.

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