Re: Fysetc S6 and BME280-SPI #fysetc

Dave Schwartz

I think that's the way mine is wired. The labels on my module may be a bit different but I think they map the same: SCL->PA5, SDA->PA7, CSB->PC7, SDO->PA6. I take my 3.3V from the WeMos's 3.3V output but that's only because the socket for the BME is mounted on the daughterboard right beside the WeMos and it was convenient to do so. In the Config.h, "#define WEATHER                BME280_SPI" enables it.

On 2020-11-21 4:40 a.m., pierrebex@... wrote:
Hi all,
i try to connect bme280 spi to get ambient weather on the S6 but till now didn't get success. I connected SCK (PA5), MISO (PA6), MOSI (PA7) and CS (PC7) all taken from EXP2 (and pinmap) and 3.3V, GND from Z-.
For those who could get it, is there any tricks?

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