Re: Help - Astro Physics 1200 - RA Tracking Issue

Drew 🔭📷🚴‍♂️

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 10:57 AM, Howard Dutton wrote:

I just can't see how this can possibly be true.

I am with Howard on this one. Hence the term "Timing Belt". It is the number of teeth engaged that determines the ratio, the diameter (within reason) drops out of the equation. That being said I am also with Howard that it is most likely something mechanical.

There are several things to check. The first one I can think of is matching the belt type to Timing pulleys. There are several tooth types. MXL, GT2, etc. are close enough to each other to be interchanged but will lead to disastrous results. Make sure the belt and pulleys are of the same type.

Pretty obvious but part of the checklist. Are all 3 clutches engaged and locked? Is the belt tensioned properly? These belts do not like to be too tight or lose. They also can be stretched leading to weird results. Is there any excessive play in the shaft? Try rotating it by hand and compare it to the other axis. Is the shaft excessively tight?

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