Hello from a newbie (onstep)

Ken Hunter

Hello guys,

I am just jumping into the fray and have jumped into the water feet first. I have been reading some of the many earlier posts mentioning "BluePill" etc and see that there have been many small and major changes over the months. I am an old guy and probably don't have time to read and analyze all the posts to figure out what is the current recommended configuration and list of parts to have the best chance of having a successful build. I am very competent in design and construction of electronic prototype devices so I do not anticipate any problems there. I have been playing with an Arduino UNO, making simple sketches etc to flash leds, operate steppers etc... nothing great but learning to recognize my mistakes when I make them again (That's called experience!).

One thing I am having a problem wrapping my head around is getting things to talk to each other. I am familiar with Stellarium operation on my PC as a stand alone program and have success using EzPushTo but having lived on observatory grounds for several years, I want GOTO for my 10 inch Apertura scope. I have steppers mounted for AZ, EL and Focus and can make them move with the UNO.  I was recently given an Android cell phone so I downloaded the Stellarium Mobile Plus APP. Tomorrow I will try to connect to my UNO +HC05 Bluetooth and gain more experience in making mistakes. Life goes on in spite of Covid and I try to learn more each day.

So, help an old guy out... what do I really need to buy on Amazon (love the free next day shipping!) to keep from re-inventing the wheel and gaining too much experience? What is no longer needed from previous builds etc. Wish me luck.


Ken Hunter

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