Re: OnStep + ESP32 (WemosD2R32) + Motor Shield V3 + Wii Nunchuk



I got Wemos D1 R32 today afternoon and have since gotten basics to work: ability to load code, toggle LED etc. I have cut off the 10k resistor on the CNCv3 shield and bolted the shield on the R32. I would appreciate if anyone can help answer a few questions before I proceed:

1) How do I power the R32 + CNCv3 combo? Just powering the CNCv3 be sufficient?
    Or I need to power both from the same source with a (hydra) split power cord at 12v?
    I am planning to use 12v nominal (10v -> 14v) Li Ion supply eventually.
    Right now I have a 1.5Amp wall wart to power this @12v.

2) There are 4 slots for hooking up the stepper drivers on the CNCv3 named X Y Z & A.
     Which one to use for RA & which one for Dec?
     X for RA, Y for Dec? And the header pins marked "End Stops" for limit switches?

3) I suppose I can plug in the LV8729's but not wire up the motors when I attempt the
    first OnStep download to this setup.

Is there anything else I need to worry about before powering on & loading the firmware?



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