Re: STM32 Blue Pill : Windows doesn't detect CP2102 #uart

Hemendra Rawat

Thanks Mike. It was just a bad Micro USB cable.

On Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 8:44 PM Mike Ahner <mahner@...> wrote:
Windows will detect the CP2102 if things are working. Do you get a red light on the CP2102 when you plug in the USB cable? The CP2102 is powered only from the USB port of the computer, so if you don't have a red led, you don't have a good connection to the computer. Perhaps your cable is bad?

If you have a red led but no COM port in the device manager, then perhaps your USB cable is a charging cable, not a data cable. Again, try another good USB cable.

The CP2102 will light red and show as a COM port without power to the OnStep controller. Another possibility is the CP2102 is defective.


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