Re: Blue Pill Upgrade: RobotDyn F303CC

Martin Bonfiore

I have been tracking the availability of the unmounted F303 chips on Mouser.  I ordered a few in that time delivery was in early February.  Just checked and now the delivery is listed as in May.  In parallel I ordered a few, nominally "new" F303 chips from China via ebay back in early December.  They are currently in some distribution depot in USA with expected delivery in early to late January.  My plan is to attempt a brain transplant on an STM32 Blue pill (a spare I had hanging around).  I have the  minimal set of surface mount tools to do the job and hopefully enough patience (and copious luck). 

I have removed the STM32 chip from the blue pill board and it went very well...I made a simple "nozzle" by wrapping some aluminum flashing in the shape of a cone with the end cut off...that I clamped onto my hot air gun to concentrate the heat...also used aluminum foil tape to mask all around the chip to prevent colateral heat damage...I hope......traces came out intact, clean, tinned but not bumped up with solder...the secret if there is one is to use liquid rosin flux and wire wik solder remover to soak up the keeps things unoxidized and the solder leveled.  The real challenge will be the soldering of the new chip (who knows...the chips from China  (three chips + shipping  =  $16)  may be bogus/have the "defect"...and this is all for not).  Note: I am doing this for the fun of the challenge as opposed to any real need.  I plan on first aligning and gluing the chip onto the board with the pins aligned with the pads.   When glue is cured and the chip is immoblized, then try drag soldering. 

As others have said, I would not recommend this for the novice electronics hacker...though it is not brain surgery.

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