Re: OnStep up and running!!!

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 05:46 AM, Egge wrote:
I will try both... reducing mechanical backlash by adjusting mount AND balancing the wheight.
In addition to the above, or even before that, try to adjust the backlash in OnStep.
During daylight, and with the highest magnification, and tracking off, manually slew to a far away land object.
Use the Android app or SHC, and press the W button, then reverse it by pressing E.
If the object lags, then backlash compensation is too low, increase it.
If the object jumps, then backlash compensation is too high, decrease it.
Keep trying until you get no jump or lag.
Do the same for DEC using N and S.

Now, PHD2 has less of the backlash to worry about ...

and just for curiosity... what do you think is a reasonable value for guiding deviation (e.g. 1arc-sec) to get good astro-images? Do you think this can be achieved with EQ5?
I had good 5 minute images with a total RMS of 1.2".
Rarely, I get 0.7" total RMS.
No idea what the reasons can be. There are many: seeing, wind, balance, gears, and so on, and it is hard for me to track down what exactly it is. Since the images are acceptable, I don't care much ...

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