Re: Combining OnStep with Celestron #celestron

Chris Vaughan

1. 608 SKF bearings are supposed to be good. I'm in Australia- availability of things is different to elsewhere
2. 6008. No need to replace unless they are damaged. I got two before I realised you could pull them apart and clean them out.
3. The astrobaby shim adjustment was for gears it of alignment. I measured mine and it was fine so didn't have to do that

1. I think I just had to grind the edges of the 48t pulleys. The mount also needed just a light Dremel for the larger 60t pulley. Just buy a few 48t pulleys and se for yourself
2. About 52mm. There's slots for mounting so you have some wriggle room
3. Yes. And that's what Francois used. 
4. It's just a bit awkward.
5. Those horrible 12v connectors. Seems okay

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