Re: SHC not working

Dave Schwartz

You should get at least the OnStep logo on the display... that is done before anything else.

Check that your display's pin order matches the order in which the PCB is routing them. Some OLED modules have the order VCC GND SCK SDA and others have GND VCC SCK SDA (i.e. the order of VCC and GND are reversed). Some modules also have zero-ohm chip resistors on the back that allow you to switch the order from the default, which is silkscreened on the front, to the other order.

In order to accommodate this, I designed the ESP32 SHC PCB with jumpers to either side of the OLED header so that you could reverse the order without having to buy a different module or rework the chip resistors that you may or may not have. The Teensy PCB does not have such jumpers so your choices would be surgery or buy a different module (many eBay vendors offer both types explicitly now whereas before it was random as to what you got).

On 2021-01-10 8:58 a.m., andrea tasselli via wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am trying to see whether the SHC I have built works. It flashed correctly. So far so good. ST4_HAND_CONTROL is set to ON and ST4_INTERFACE is set to ON_PULLUP in Config.h.
When I connect the SHC to the ONStep box (BluePill) nothing shows on the screen and a red led is lit in the STM32. Nothing else. Is there a way to know what is going on and why it doesn't work?

Thanks for your help


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