Re: DEC Axis Homing problem....

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 08:19 AM, Martin Bonfiore wrote:
The fact that we are both having dec axis issues with similar behaviors suggests to me more than coincidence.  I am itching to try the beta version, probably on Saturday.
There is certainly more potential for an unknown issue in an earlier version 4.x  leading up to the current Beta.  The current Beta is tested and known to work for at least myself.

The current Master has significant changes to how home switch detection works at the request of a CEM70 OnStep user who needed analog sensing w/deadband, thresholds, etc.  That was all rolled up into a class that transparently handles digital input or analog input.  Then said class was also used for limit sense and PEC sense.  He tested this new home sense support and had success getting it working.  As I said the master also worked in my tests.

Again, I advise to use the DEBUG VERBOSE mode and see what it says.  It can potentially provide feedback about why the find home operation wasn't carried out successfully.

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