Re: Programming issue with FYSETC S6 v2.0

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 12:04 PM, <carcarlodf@...> wrote:
I figured out that if i connect GPS nema Module to SoftSerial2 (RX2/TX2) on Fysetc S6 i can put the board in DFU mode without disconnect power on GPS module.
With the V1.2 S6, I had to put an on/off switch on the GPS, which is connected to RX3/TX3 (on EXP1).
I will try changing that to RX2 and TX2 on the V2.0 board, and see what the difference is.

Where did you power the GPS 5V and GND from?

The  2.0 version of the mainboard does not have boot0 push button and instead of this FysetC has changed it with a 3 pin. This helped me to put a on/off switch outside the box for simplicity.
Yes, I intend to do the same: add an on/off switch on the Boot0 headers. That was the reason I ordered the V2.0 board: to avoid having to open the box when I flash it.

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