Re: Programming issue with FYSETC S6 v2.0

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 10:56 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
Yes, I intend to do the same: add an on/off switch on the Boot0 headers. That was the reason I ordered the V2.0 board: to avoid having to open the box when I flash it.
Or, if using the latest master.... wire the Boot0 pin to the WeMos D1 Mini pin labeled "D7" then turn on the following option and see if that works (as it does for the STM32F411CE.:)

#define DISPLAY_RESET_CONTROLS        FWU //    OFF, ON to allow reset of OnStep, FWU for STM32 firmware upload pin HIGH.     Option

Remember to set SERIAL_SWAP to OFF also since the swapped serial port location is at D7 and D8, it will warn you if you haven't.  You should, hopefully, then be able to hit a button at the bottom of the website "Config" page to enter firmware upload mode.  You could first confirm that software based reset works by sending the :ERESET# command and watching to see if it reboots before going to the trouble of wiring things up.  It's not going to work otherwise.  Finally, AFAIK the S6 has a custom bootloader (where the F411CE uses the OEM bootloader) so how that behaves if/when reset in software is an unknown.  You could simulate it in a quick test by shorting the Boot0 HIGH then sending the command but that gets tricky since in my testing sending the command across USB causes USB to crash... something to do with an ongoing transaction in the middle of a reset I suppose.  Sending the command from the WiFi Addon was fine and USB comes right up in DFU mode on an F411.

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