Getting started with OnStep

Simon McNally

I have following along with this group for a long time now, and have decided to take the plunge into constructing a system based on the s6 board, after discovering an old eq5 mount I forgot I had, at my parents.

I'm trying to do this with an extremely limited budget, but with a wealth of electronic hardware knowledge,  whilst caring for my elderly parents through the ups and downs of the current virus situation inthe UK. I do not having access to my astro equipment that is in storage in a different county. However I only really did visual with that (10" GSO dob and Celestron SLT127 Mak), apart from using a webcam for planetary. 

I have 3d printed the motor mounts and case and I'm awaiting the rest of the components to arrive from China. I have 2130 drivers and 400 step nema 17 motors on the way, along with a GPS unit and weimos. The s6  v2 board has already arrived, and I have started with the spreadsheet to help generate the config file. 

I'm going to attempt flashing the board over the next few days, after I have sorted my tool chain out. I have alot of reading to do.  

Attached is a pic of my old mount. It not quite the right tripod, and still needs a brace for the legs, but im hoping I can get it working well enough for some tracked astro pics with my DSLR, and hopefully though my small refractor (SvBony sv48) I'm still awaiting to arrive. I'm expecting it to exhibit alot of CA, but, well, got to start somewhere. 

I have also been playing with astroberry on one of my raspberry pi's. Thats a very interesting system and interfaces with my £9 ebay canon 350d, which I thought would be a cheap suitable camera that does not risk my main DSLR camera while testing / experimenting..

Wish me luck..


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