Re: Brushless dc motor for direct drive mount

Martin Bonfiore

Let me add my congratulations on your amazing project.  I think your are successfully demonstrating that the "sweet spot" for today's amateur scope mount builder is putting the majority of an amateur's limited funds into the encoder and the electronics, not as in the past into precision mechanical reducers (worm gears, friction drives, etc..).  My motto: Buy what you can't make, build what you can.

If I understand your plan, the LG washing machine motor was just for your prototype, and that you envision that building and winding your own motor is the best way to go for an amateur (that the LG motor is ultimately not up to the task?).  

As I mentioned in a previous post, your project rekindled my interest in how an amateur on a limited budget could measure the "jitter" on a scope mount drive on the bench (much warmer today than outside).    I have built a prototype of a "single component" laser interferometer based on very cheap laser diodes as used in laser pointers, etc..  My rough breadboard (to my surprise) demonstrates that I can see wavelength scale displacements (the total electronics cost less that $80 US).  I am in the process of ruggedizing the circuitry ( I too have the loose wire problem).  My goal is to demonstrate feasibility on my conventional homemade worm gear/stepper mount.  In your case, the inertia of your system may filter out the jitter and and make this unneeded.  

Good luck and keep the details coming!

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