Re: Brushless dc motor for direct drive mount

Martin Bonfiore

Just for reference, a brand new replacement LG inverter motor here is the US is about $130 for the stator (the coils) and about $70 for the rotor (the magnets).  Of course these two pieces don't constitute the full motor in the sense that the shaft and bearings are part of the washing machine proper.   

On a side note, I discovered that older versions of the washing machine had a Hall effect sensor that was mounted on the stator (I discovered this because my washing machine didn't have one...I had ordered the part incorrectly thinking it was needed for the repair...).  LG apparently redesigned their drive to use back EMF signals since the newer machines use the same stator and rotor but have eliminated the Hall sensor.  Of course, the Hall sensor only gives one tick per revolution and was (I guess) only used to close the loop on average rotational speed.

As was said, if this motor is fully up to the task, it would be very cost effective!

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