Re: The Dreaded Failed to Init Message

Dave Schwartz

The CP2102 is also the conduit for the SerialA command channel (or verbose output, not both at the same time).

On 2021-02-22 12:01 p.m., Ed Eastburn via wrote:
I have already removed the R3 and soldered between the ends (shorted it).  That allowed me (earlier) to repeatedly flash the Blue Pill as I was making adjustments for my mount; up to the point when communications stopped.
Based on everything you and others have suggested, and I have tried, it seems to isolate the issue to the CP2102 board.

Dave has a good suggestion to try reheating the solder connection on the CP2102.  Seems like that would show up when I was doing the common test, as trying to keep the probes on the pins would induce stress on the CP2102 board; then not as mush stress as plugging in the USB micro connector.

I'm thinking of unsoldering the CP2102 board from the PCB, replace it with a female header, then connect a new CP2102 board via the header.  I will need to hot glue a small plastic riser under the CP2102 to provide mechanical support, and fix the CP in place.

Does Onstep use the CP2102 for anything else other than flashing the Blue Pill?

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