ALTAZM Meridian Limits in 5.1u

Jordi Sese

Hi All,
Sorry if it is already in the docs, but I have had no luck searching for it. My ALTAZM mount, when running v5.1u goes back to North when moving to an object past the Meridian line. How is pier side controlled in 5.1u for ALTAZM mounts? With 3.16 I don't have this problem. It goes past the South line from West as needed with the default configuration.

The Wiki says:
In FORK and ALTAZM (Dobsonians etc.) modes Meridian Limits are disabled allowing a full range of motion but in a single orientation without Meridian Flips.
I have even tried these settings with no success:
#define AXIS1_LIMIT_MIN  -360
#define AXIS1_LIMIT_MAX  360
#define MFLIP_SKIP_HOME  ON/OFF (both options, same result)
#define PIER_SIDE_PREFERRED_DEFAULT  WEST/BEST   (both options, same result)
Have I missed anything? Is it a bug or a feature? I insist that 3.16 works fine with the default config, following what the wiki states.
Thanks a lot for your help. Regards from Barcelona,

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