Re: Advanced configuration control

Khalid Baheyeldin


Thanks for doing this. It has been a long time coming, but worth the wait.

Here is how it looks on my S6 on a Vixen SXD

This will save a lot of time when testing the initial build.
It will also enable universal binaries to be placed in the Files area of the Wiki.
There will be no IDE installation needed, no library confusion, ...etc.

We can only do this for a select few boards, with only two variations of drivers (LV8729 and TMC SPI drivers [I assume the TMC2130 and TMC5160 are the same code base])
The file name will contain the board name, board version, OnStep version, driver, for example:


Obviously, we can't cover every permutation possible, such as no-focuser/one-focuser/two-focusers, heaters, and such.
But that is okay, users can start with a basic setup quickly, then dive deeper later.

Some questions:

- On my S6 with the TMC5160, the default IGOTO (same as IRUN) would not work, and I had to set RUN to 675 and GOTO to 850 to make it work. So maybe we need a separate IGOTO settings too? The labels can be descriptive "Tracking Current" and "Slewing Current" for better usability.

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