M0 + W5100 on MaxpPCB 1, cannot upgrade

Debalme Stephane

Software update.
I haven't updated the software, since I completed my first Onstep in 2018. As I decided to build a SHC manual controller and I started to read about the improvements that have been made in recent years . I first updated the main board (MaxpPCB 1.3 with Tennsy 3.6) to the latest stable firmaware (3.16) and WIFI (Wemos D1 mini), but I couldn't get the ethernet connection to work. It is an Arduino Mo + W5100 shield. I cannot update the software with the last addon because it gives me a compilation error. I have tried to update many libraries but without success.
I ordered a new PCB to build the last ethernet board (with the tensy 3.2 and the W5500) but in between, I would like to understand why my old one no longer works with the latest firmware. As the arduino MO and W5100 are no longer supported, I would just like to know if anyone already had this kind of problems and if it is worth looking for a solution.
By the way, the SHC works: it's great !!!!
I still have to connect the motors to be sure that everything is running as it did before.


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