Re: Please help how the confing.h settings for EQ-2 should be #eq2

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 05:03 AM, sami wrote:
how to configure Dec and ra for eq2. There are 60 teeth and 15 teeth pulley belt motor drivers A4988. I have no knowledge of the required and desired rotation speed, how to calculate the desired micro steps and where to write edit the confing h file .
You need to know a few things:
- What are the number of teeth on the worm wheel for each axis (RA and DEC)? This goes into GR2.
If this is an EQ3, then it can be many things, e.g. 130 RA, and 65 DEC.
You can see how many turns of the worm gear to move 90 degrees, and calculate.

- The gear ratio of the pulleys (60 / 15 = 4:1), so GR1 = 4

- What is the motor steps per degree? This is 200 for 1.8 degree, and 400 for 0.9 degree.

- The A4988 is limited to 1/16 and cannot exceed that. You can get better drivers, such as the LV8729.

When you have all the info from the above, go to the Online Configuration Generator, and it will create a Config.h file for you.

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