Re: Please help how the confing.h settings for EQ-2 should be #eq2

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 05:08 PM, sami wrote:
130 RA. 65.
So for the Online Config Generator, use the following:

Version = use 4.x and download the beta
Board = ???
Desired Slew Rate = 2
Steps Per Worm Wheel Rotation = 0 (for now)
GR1 = 4
GR2 = 130 for Axis 1
GR2 = 65 for Axis 2
Microsteps = 16 (until you get other drivers)

Leave everything else as default, and you will have

there are jumpers under each motor drive. I tried to create a configuration, but it was very irrelevant. : (it is really a very difficult job without information.
We also need information.
Which board are you using?
Which motors?
You also need to set Vref as described in the Wiki.

which is the best driver you will recommend.
Depends on the board and motors.
Provide that info first, then we will advise.

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