What does "CLEAR MODEL" mean?

Martin Bonfiore

I find myself back to trying to understand homing versus parking.  I realize there are several threads on this forum that clarify these functions...and I have read them several times.  I suspect I have a mental block.... I would appreciate if you would indulge a few specific questions that are related to my attempt at understanding.  For reference, I am running Android app 2.57, Onstep 5.1o and SHC 1.9h.  Note: my system has functioning hardware home sensors.

Let's say that I do a three star alignment using the SHC.  If I select the "SHOW MODEL" from the SHC menu, I get some non-zero entries for the model parameters.  This seems to make senses.

Now, let's say I use the SHC to command a GOTO HOME command.  The menu prompts me with a warning that if I say YES, it will clear the model.  Let's say I say YES.  From the warning, it would seem the model will be "cleared"....yet when I then select "SHOW MODEL" on the SHC, the pre-homing parameter values have persisted i.e. they don't at all appear to have been cleared i.e. set to zero.

 So....has the model persisted through a GOTO HOME operation in spite of the warning?  Or am I confused about what constitutes "the MODEL"?   On the other hand, If I use the SHC to command a "CLEAR MODEL" and then I do a SHOW MODEL, the parameters have been set to zero...as I would expect...cleared.  Are there two different sets of books for the model?  

Best I can tell, I get the same behavior from the Android app.


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