Re: Where to put the "resolution"? Pulleys, motors, drivers.. ?

Pedro Miguel Barbosa Moutinho Nunes dos Reis

On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 12:38 AM, Howard Dutton wrote:
For the ESP32/CNCV3 I generally recommend users stay away from the TMC drivers as they present special challenges.  If you're up for those challenges fine, but it adds to the difficulty.

There's still the S109 which is OK and should handle those motors.  No SPI interface to wire in, set the jumpers under the drivers and away you go.

Read through the Wiki page before you decide:
ok, after reading it again, is not enough:
"The FYSETC TMC2130 v1.1 is also a good choice but requires more effort.  These are available on ebay (read about the TMC2130 before buying!)  Just remove all shunts under the stepper socket and plug them in. "

But I still need to:
  • Once the following is done you'll be able to configure a variety of settings for these stepper drivers in OnStep's Config.h file including the micro-step mode, stealthChop or spreadCycle, lower the power for tracking, etc.
  • Jumper each (Axis1 and Axis2) modules' SPI pins.
    • Axis1 SDI to Axis2 SDI to the WeMos R32 IO32 (SPI MOSI, not present on the CNC V3.)
    • Axis1 SCK to Axis2 SCK to the WeMos R32 IO33 (SPI SCK, not present on the CNC V3.)
    • Axis1 CS to the WeMos R32 IO15 (not present on the CNC V3.)
    • Axis2 CS to the WeMos R32 IO0 (not present on the CNC V3.)
    • Axis1 and Axis2 SDO are NOT supported and don't get connected. 

Right? I'm going to see those s109 also.

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