Re: Where to put the "resolution"? Pulleys, motors, drivers.. ?

Pedro Miguel Barbosa Moutinho Nunes dos Reis

On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 12:17 PM, Howard Dutton wrote:
If you can solder you can instead wire up from under the sockets of the CNCV3 and just plug the drivers in.
I can solder yes, just need to understand better what to solder (from->to) :)

I bought the SPI version of the 2130:

And I think this is the pinout:

So if I understood correctly, I need to somehow connect
- both SDI to R32 IO32,
- both SCK to  R32 IO33
- Axis1 CS to R32 IO15 
- Axis2 CS to R32 IO0.

Using this pinout does not seem too difficult, I need to see it at home later on.

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