Re: No Wifi on MiniPCB v2 #wemos

Dave Schwartz

That's not a very robust implementation. It might work for a few insertions but will fail after relatively few cycles.

If there is enough headroom for the stepstick modules with the 'tuning fork' type headers, why would you need to lower the WeMos or Teensy (its their pins that are going to largely determine the height above the PCB anyway)? They don't appear to have any components that stick up higher above the module PCB more than a millimeter or two - its not like they have jumper pins like the Blue/Black pill do. No higher than the RJ sockets anyhow.

On 2021-04-27 1:44 p.m., Howard Dutton wrote:
On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 10:39 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:

I also see that you've used the wrong type of female header for
the WeMos. The ones you used are the 'machined' type intended to
be used with the type of leg you see on discrete IC's, not the
chunky square pins being used universally on module pins. Those
machined sockets, while the opening is big enough, have a little
spring strip in bottom intended to grip the thin IC legs. If you
push a chunky pin into them, it will destroy the spring tension by
over-bending it and it will never again make reliable contact for
future insertions.

The headers should be machined (matching pin and matching socket) as the case height is small.

I assume this is one of George's kits and should be the correct parts.

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