Re: PC does not reegonize FYSECT s6 after uploading ONSTEP

Dave Schwartz

Disregard that bit about the esp32 BM version... I got the wrong end of the stick.

On 2021-04-27 2:06 p.m., Dave Schwartz wrote:
In the boards manager there is a dropdown with previous versions in it. Find your 'esp32' board manager in the 'all' type, select the version you want from there and the install button right beside it. I have the 1.0.6 board manager and no problems (because I set the baud rate explicitly on both ends and use SWAP OFF) but strange that it does not offer any upgradable version to that.

On 2021-04-27 1:56 p.m., wrote:
Installed Arduino 1.8.13, STM32CubeProgrammer and changed the stm32CubeProg.bat on other PC, did all the process to flash the S6v2 again. I was able to do it (Pic attached), but it stills does not work (is not recognized) when i remove the boot jumper.... Im seeing that the stm32 installed in the boards manager is not the 1.4.0 as the wiki shows, now it is 2.0.0 (updated 2-6 days ago) <> can that be the problem? does anyone know how to download the 1.4.0??'

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