Re: Stepper Motor doesn't do anything...


On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 03:31 PM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
That steps per degree does not look right. 200? OnStep would be thinking
it only needs to make 200 steps to hit your desired slew rate of 1.0
degrees per second which is only 200/64  = 3.125 full steps which is a
very small fraction of one rotation per second. No wonder you can't see
it move.

You need to go back to the online configuration generator with your real
motor and reduction specs.

Also with no PEC (which you can't have in ALTAZ anyway) set
AXIS1_STEPS_PER_WORMROT to 0. In ALTAZ, OnStep will ignore it and
default to zero but it never hurts to set it to zero yourself just to
show you know what you're doing. Always a better idea to set things
explicitly than rely on default or override behaviors

Yeah, someone earlier in the thread said it was too high and to put it at that... I just tried using the Excel sheet again and reuploading the firmware, so here's the config file for that. 

I did not see any change in being able to move the motors though. 

Also, I noticed that on the app it says "Motor/drvr fault"  What does that mean?

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