Re: Stepper Motor doesn't do anything...


Okay, so here's the latest:
I reuploaded the firmware to 4.23r and also reuploaded the wifi firmware from that version just in case that changed anything.
The webpage controls seems to have a better connection than the bluetooth did.
I start up the board with both motors connected, and the behavior hasn't changed. Initially, I can set OnStep to tracking, and axis2 will start making noises at about 1 second intervals, and if I press North or South, the center shaft within the motor before the gearbox starts to move slowly(~1rot/20sec) and the motor and the controller start heating up and eventually I am guessing that it shuts off due to overheating, and I can't get the motor to do anything unless I power cycle the board.
Axis1 still does nothing.

I also tried switching motor drivers with the motors still connected, and the same thing happened.

I also tried running it without the motors attached and the board did not draw more than the usual .13 amps at 12v

What do I need to try next?

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